The European Directives also mention the following: “Member States shall build upon existing mechanisms to ensure correct application of the regime governing the CE marking and shall take appropriate action in the event of improper use of that marking”. This is true for electronic devices, appliances, clothing, footwear… the list goes on. He asked me if I was a lawyer too. The Commission is not aware of the existence of a ‘China export mark’ but considers that the mark the Honourable Member refers to constitute the CE marking as foreseen in the European legislation without, however, respecting the dimensions and proportions prescribed therein. There is a very similar logo where the CE stands for Chinese Export or China Export – this has nothing to do with European conformity The size of the CE mark must be at least 5 mm high. CE mark your product with the world's most advanced CE Marking system. Det finns idag inget och har aldrig funnits något "officiellt" China Export-märke. ← Relatedness measures the distance between a country's current exports and each product. Because of this, it is not the label itself, but the testing legitimacy behind the label that verifies the product’s quality and adherence. It is made up. The market surveillance authorities of the Member States check imported products and are able to indicate when non-CE-products are marked with a CE logo or a look-a-like. So… I EU räknas detta märke som ett CE-märke och om produkterna inte uppfyller kraven, så får de inte säljas. The Chinese quality standardsconsist of both mandatory and voluntary versions. Receive supply chain insights and updates from QIMA. They say the logo (which looks almost identical to the CE marking but with slightly different dimensions) is meant to identify that a product was exported from China. by Silos Cordoba | Jul 9, 2013 | Corporate. 5 8 85. This similarity is something which has been acknowledged by the EU parliament. Portugal Bookmark the permalink. Evropská komise toto falešné obvinění řešila v roce 2008. Then there is China. Close. All companies are obliged to follow mandatory standards and those make sure that your products are safe to use and not harmful to neither people nor properties. Our online platform and mobile application make it easy for you to schedule Compliance tests and Product inspections, and receive your results at any time. This entry was posted in CE marking, EMC Directive 2014/30/EU, Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and tagged 765/2008/EC, CE, CE marking, China export, China Export mark, EN 60204-1, EN 61010-1, New Legislative Framework, NLF. Imitation even extends to major labeling standards, particularly in the case of the EU’s official, iconic CE “Conformité Européene” marking. The reason for this assumption is the goods’ compliance with EU standards. This site is protected by copyright and trademark laws under US and international law. This “CE” mark means “China Export” and only means that the product was manufactured in China. However, the fact remains that a marking alone shouldn’t be an indication of a product’s actual compliance. EU Standards and CE Marking. Det torde i stället röra sig om felaktiga CE-märkningar, som kan finnas både på produkter som uppfyller kraven och sådana som inte gör det. For more information about what CE marking is and what the CE mark means, read this post. TIL the CE marking is incredibly similar to the "China Export" logo - which means that people may buy products expecting them to meet electrical / safety standards when they are not. You can also find him on:Profile Page, Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter! So this was one of the few times that someone didn't yawn or look in the other direction :). It is made up. It is used by a handful of manufacturers to gain access to the European market or to mislead consumers and make use of the marketing value of the official CE mark. You can diverge from competitors if you implement voluntary standards, hence make your products more competitive. Poland. Hungary. Here is where a trusted Third-Party Lab Testing and Inspection Service can ensure all supply chain components are manufactured to true--not imitation--quality standards. Many people believe that there’s a China Export symbol. CE-merkintä (ransk. Conformité Européenne) tuotteessa osoittaa, että valmistaja vakuuttaa tuotteen täyttävän sitä koskevien EU:n direktiivien vaatimukset, ja että tuote on läpikäynyt mahdollisesti vaaditut tarkistukset.CE-merkintä on tarkoitettu helpottamaan tavaroiden vapaata liikkumista Euroopan sisämarkkinoilla. The Commission is aware that there exists the misconception attributing CE marking the meaning ‘Chinese export’. In China, where factories pump out substandard imitation goods all too commonly, companies often supply products meant for foreign sale with unsubstantiated “Chinese Export” labels that can look like this: There is more than one possible reason why these markings so closely resemble the EU’s, and one shouldn’t automatically assume nefarious intentions. The Chinese Export Mark is an unofficial mark. Countries That Require CE Marking: Austria. CE Check removes the need for expensive consultants and cuts your time to market drastically. Quality will always have its imitators. While many importers are aware that there are requirements for testing and documentation, plenty of businesses fail to understand how such documentation is produced, and what it must include. Before your product is released for sale, Member State authorities are obligated to look for red flags by evaluating the product’s characteristics. Back. What’s the China Export symbol? China is now the world’s largest trading power; its total trade is $4.43 trillion compared to $3.89 trillion for the U.S. To boost trade within Africa, first-rate infrastructure is needed. And in the eyes of EU authorities, it isn’t--which is good news for consumer safety. Archived. in .ai format) and submit it to your supplier, along with specifications detailing the print position and dimensions of the CE mark. In this podcast episode, I am interviewing Paul Hoogerkamp on How to CE Mark a Product. The top export opportunities for China according to the relatedness index, are Jute Woven Fabric (0.57), Jute Yarn (0.56), Platinum Clad Metals (0.51), Coconut and Other Vegetable Fibers (0.51), and Rubber (0.51). Merchandise exports to low- and middle-income economies within region (% of total merchandise exports) ICT goods exports (% of total goods exports) Export value index (2000 = 100) Travel services (% of commercial service exports) Commercial service exports (current US$) For most merchandise to be produced in or imported into the EU, they must comply with all regulations applicable to their particular industry. 1. Each Directive is different in respect to its industry, but the common denominator for all EU Directives is the uncompromising commitment to quality standards meant to protect consumer health, promote supply chain safety, and protect the environment. On motor vehicles and related parts, the UNECE "e mark" or "E mark", rather than the CE logo, has to be used. ). Iceland. But, he was more or less familiar with the topic of CE marking! It is used by a handful of manufacturers to gain access to the European market or to mislead consumers and make use of the marketing value of the official CE mark. It is all you need to get you from A to CE (finding CE requirements, testing a product, creating a Technical file and a Declaration of Conformity). The CE mark shall be affixed to the product unit and its packaging and user instructions if any. You must create a CE label file (e.g. He finds it a smart move of the Chinese, which should enable them to gain a high level of trust for products that are being sold on the European market. It is done by the manufacturer, as a declaration that the product and all its assembly parts have been successfully tested against their designated standards. I had to disappoint him. Learn how to get your products CE marked, what to include in a technical file and submit samples for lab testing, when importing from Asia. The Conformité Européenne (CE) mark is a common sight on products in North America, and Europe. And this is illegal as hell! Be sure to confirm the standards required for your products befo… 2. China Export is not CE: a symbol to cause confusion. (212) 419-8286 And in the eyes of EU authorities, it isn’t--w… Previously, exported medical products only had to have the certifications in receiving countries, such as the European Union’s CE certification, which could be easily counterfeited in China. Copyright 2021 INSTRKTIV | All Rights Reserved | Privacy. They might also request the Declaration of Conformity, which is the first indicator to check if a product really complies with the CE requirements. Book new tests, view pending orders, and access results from your mobile device. You can always unsubscribe and manage your email preferences later. The labeling itself is not actually affixed by EU authorities. Founder of INSTRKTIV and keen to help users become experts in the use of a product, and thus to contribute to a positive user experience. This partnership can be seen in the top five export products as well. Our online platform provides valuable supply chain insights, including a summary of your QC activity, all of your supplier’s quality stats, industry benchmarking data, and more. Therefore, it is indeed highly relevant to ensure CE compliance, if you are a non-EU company looking to re-export items to the European Union. The letters "CE" are an abbreviation and come from the French phrase "Conformité Européene" which literal meaning is "European Conformity". Get Started: Login or Create Your Account, By contacting QIMA you agree to our privacy policy, Thank you - your inquiry has been sent.We will come back to you shortly. This shall be done during production, by the manufacturer. The European CE mark and the China Export mark. Eager to help organisations to reduce their product liability. The CE Mark is mandatory for specific products that are sold in the European Economic Area (EEA). Around 85% of all national standards are mandatory and the remaining 15% is voluntary. However, the fact remains that a marking alone shouldn’t be an indication of a product’s actual compliance. CE marking is of course also required for items, not only shipped from China, but for products sold from any country to an EU member state. Prior to exporting, U.S. manufacturers have to consider certification for the EU market. 1. Belgium. Try our corporate solution for free! I was working at WeWork Coworking in Amsterdam yesterday when the guy sitting next to me introduced himself. The size of the CE mark is exactly determined. It is fake. And this is … Beyond this, periodic reviews of your Technical File will be conducted to make sure compliance standards are being maintained. Across every industry there is the standard-setting product at the one extreme, and the cheaply-made copy meant to replicate the aesthetic look of the original at the other. » Une rumeur vraiment fausse, insiste Hoaxbuster 09 October 2018 Ferry Vermeulen INSTRKTIV Blog - Law & Legislation. I will share practical information for each step of my approach.... Leave us your e-mail address and stay up to date with relevant information, our ongoing projects, and what we have to say on social media! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we may not be as responsive by phone: please use the form below to reach out to us during this time, thank you! CE Mark Countries. [3] Údajně má existovat podobné logo, které mají používat někteří čínští výrobci s významem China Export či Chinese Export. China's exports to the U.S., its third-largest trading partner, rose 22.5% year-over-year in dollar terms in October, while shipments to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and the … For example, the US is the top importer of computers (29%) and broadcasting equipment (26%). This statistic shows the share of China's merchandise and commercial service exports in global exports in 2019. Posted by 5 years ago. It is believed by various organizations that this similarity is not a chance coincidence and that this expresses an aggressive approach to sell into the European market without the right standards. The CE Marking Association has held the view for a long time that the China Export mark is not valid mark and it is actually just the European CE mark that does not respect the dimensions and proportions given within the Directives. For the majority of exported products, compliance is visibly testified by the manufacturer through the use of CE marking. The Chinese Export Mark is an unofficial mark. Your Technical File should include: Your manufacturing or importing company is ultimately responsible for passing these authority checks, and failure to comply, especially with a product bearing the official CE marking, can result in product seizure, fines and even possible imprisonment. Electrical Equipment and Electronics (EEE) -- Restriction of Hazardous Chemicals (RoHS) Directive, Children’s Toys -- Toy Safety Directive, Declaration of Conformity -- Proof that a conformance assessment has been conducted on your product, Design drawings and diagrams of your product, Material information of all substances used in your product, A list of applied standards (RoHS, Toy Safety, etc. I told him what I was doing and briefly mentioned CE marking. The CE mark is a symbol applied to products to indicate their conformity with the essential requirements of the relevant EU directives regarding health and safety or environmental protection. Porovnání značky CE (vlevo) a China export. Certification is about conformity assessment in order to declare compliance with EU regulatory requirements. In recent years we’ve got used to the fact that if a product bears CE mark, it is safe. However the China Export mark and CE mark are easily confused, which is understandable because they look almost identical. The European CE mark and the China Export mark. For instance: Overall, a large percentage of products from around 28 different industries require the CE marking. By doing so, the manufacturer or the importer declares that the product complies with the European product safety legislation. It is fake. In this webinar I will outline a step-by-step approach to create compliant user instructions for machinery, medical devices and electrical equipment in 2021. Unlike the CE logo, the UNECE marks are not self-certified. In China, where factories pump out substandard imitation goods all too commonly, companies often supply products meant for foreign sale with unsubstantiated “Chinese Export” labels that can look like this: There is more than one possible reason why these markings so closely resemble the EU’s, and one shouldn’t automatically assume nefarious intentions. When you are selling a product on the European market that falls within the scope of CE Directives, it is mandatory to mark your product with the official CE marking. Selon ce document, les variations sur C et E sont plutôt des erreurs de conception qu’un logo “China Export” dont même la Commission ignore l’existence. Is the Commission aware of the existence of the China Export (CE) mark, which just happens to take the form of a symbol consisting of the stylised letters CE and is thus identical to the European Conformité européenne (CE) mark (except for the fact that in the case of … China’s top 10 exports accounted for approximately two-thirds (67.6%) of the overall value of its global shipments.